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Smart eLog - your reliable ELD provider


HOS Tracking system

Smart eLog is a new developing reliable ELD provider. We offer Canadian and American drivers an application for tracking their daily driving activity. They may switch from status to status, including D for Driving, ON for On Duty, OFF for Off Duty, and SB for Sleeping Berth. All Violations are visible on the driver’s in-app graph and any driver can see their remaining hours for the cycle and the current and next date.


FMCSA Compliance

The Smart eLog is an ELD Provider, which works totally in accordance with the FMCSA regulations. Smart eLog is compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations CFR §395.15 and 49 CFR 395.20 et seq. Smart eLog is compliant with Section 83 of The Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations regarding the use of the electronic logging devices.


User-friendly Interface

Smart eLog is a user-friendly and easy application that may be used by drivers around the USA and Canada for tracking their Hours of Service and activity. The application allows you to track both manual and automatic events and add commentaries, trailers, or shipping data. Our application offers you a possibility to add DVIRs, fuel purchase reports, use Personal Conveyance or Yard Move modes, and transfer data to the FMCSA in three possible transfer methods.

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